All White 2005   All White 2005: Farrow & Ball's cleanest and whitest white - it will bring freshness to any colour.  White & Light Tones undercoat. 
Ammonite   Ammonite 274: The colour of fossils found on the Dorset coast.  A perfect contrast to the slightly darker Cornforth White.
Archive 227   Archive 227: Darker and warmer than Joa’s White®, this colour would normally be seen as a buff and not an off-white unless used with strong dark colours. Mid Tones undercoat.
Blackened 2011   Blackened 2011: Historically made with the addition of ‘lamp black’, a pigment made by collecting the residue from burnt lamp oil. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Borrowed Light   Borrowed Light: A perfect bedroom light blue wall colour, though it can also be used as a complement to darker colours. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Cabbage White   Cabbage White: A delightful clean colour that takes its name from the distinctive wings of the Cabbage White butterfly. Slightly lighter and warmer than Borrowed Light®. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Calamine 230   Calamine 230: Colours like this one appeared regularly in country house anterooms and boudoirs from the 1870s on into Edwardian times. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Calluna 270   Calluna 270: A much requested pretty heather colour. Warm but with an element of sophistication due to the addition of black. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Clunch 2009   Clunch 2009: As in the chalk stone building blocks used in East Anglia. A very versatile off-white. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Dayroom Yellow   Dayroom Yellow: Popular in the late 20th century, this sunny yellow has its origins in the England of the 1820s. A typical Soanian or Regency colour. White & Light Tones undercoat. 
Dimity 2008   Dimity 2008: Most used as a wall colour in its own right with All White™ or Pointing® on woodwork and ceilings. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Dimpse   Dimpse 277: The West Country dialect for the fading light at twilight, this lyrically named cool gray complements Pavilion Gray and Blackened.
Dorset Cream 68   Dorset Cream 68: A darker and more yellow version of Farrow’s Cream®. Mid Tones undercoat.
Farrow's Cream 67   Farrow's Cream 67: Farrow & Ball’s original cream. Mid Tones undercoat.
Great White 2006   Great White 2006: A bright white, but one which is neither ‘yellow’ nor ‘cold’. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Green Ground 206   Green Ground 206: One of our wallpaper ground colours based on Cooking Apple Green®. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Hound Lemon 2   Hound Lemon 2: This John Fowler colour is best used in well lit spaces. Mid Tones undercoat.
House White 2012   House White 2012: A light yellowed off-white. Mid Tones undercoat.
James White 2010   James White 2010: A soothing but fresh off-white with underlying green. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Joa's White 226   Joa's White 226: For devotees of Off-White™, this colour though just darker, has none of the coolness or perceived greenish nature of Off-White™. Mid Tones undercoat.
Lime White 1   Lime White 1: The colour of untinted brightest white limewash or soft distemper. Mid Tones undercoat.
Matchstick 2013   Matchstick 2013: Mostly used as a warm wall colour with lighter, cooler woodwork and ceiling whites. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Middleton Pink   Middleton Pink: A lighter, more delicate version of Pink Ground®. White & Light Tones undercoat.
New White 59   New White 59: Lighter and warmer than the much used Off-White™. An ideal  ‘white’ for use with some of the brighter colours. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Oxford Stone 264   Oxford Stone 264: Darker and warmer than Archive® and Joa’s White®. The perfect combination with London Stone™ for a warm interior. Mid Tones undercoat.
Pale Hound 71   Pale Hound 71: For the effect of Hound Lemon® when used in smaller rooms. Mid Tones undercoat.
Pale Powder 204   Pale Powder 204: A pale, less coloured version of Teresa’s Green®. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Pavilion Blue 252   Pavilion Blue 252: For the effect of Pale Powder™ when used in smaller rooms.  White & Light Tones undercoat.
Pink Ground 202    Pink Ground 202: The lightest red of our wallpaper ground colours. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Pointing 2003   Pointing 2003: Named after the colour of lime pointing used in traditional brickwork. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Ringwold Ground   Ringwold Ground: Similar to Off-White™ but with greater warmth. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Setting Plaster 231   Setting Plaster 231: A definite pink in historical terms, this colour will reward those looking for a solid paint colour to reflect the colour of plaster. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Shaded White 201   Shaded White 201: Just darker than Off-White™ and lighter than Old White™. This can also be used as a light ‘drab’ colour. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Skimming Stone   Skimming Stone: A highly versatile off-white. ‘Skimming’ refers to its original use as a 19th century skim colour.  White & Light Tones undercoat.
Sky Light 205
Sky Light 205: A definite light blue, works with Parma Gray®. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Slipper Satin 2004   Slipper Satin 2004: A very successful off-white for woodwork with strong colours or as a wall colour used with many of the other whites, both lighter and darker. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Stony Ground 211   Stony Ground 211: One of our beige wallpaper ground colours. Mid Tones undercoat.
String 8   String 8: A pale earth pigment based colour which can be used either as an off-white with brighter colours or as its own colour with a brighter white. Mid Tones undercoat.
Strong White 2001   Strong White 2001: A cool white with grey undertones, perfect for the contemporary neutral home. Or if used with dark colours it becomes clean and bright. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Tallow 203   Tallow 203: A cool white with grey undertones, perfect for the contemporary neutral home. Or if used with dark colours it becomes clean and bright. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Tunsgate Green   Tunsgate Green: A delicate pale yellowish green, this colour can be used with a clean white to maintain its clarity or against much darker colours to act as an interesting neutral. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Wevet   Wevet 273: This delicate, fresh white is extremely versatile, a more contemporary version of ever popular Pointing.  Named after the old Dorset term for a spider's web.
White Tie 2002   White Tie 2002: The white of old, pre-brightened, starched cotton. White & Light Tones undercoat.
Wimborne White   Wimborne White: Named after the historic Dorset town in which John Farrow and Richard Ball founded Farrow & Ball.  White & Light Tones undercoat.