Hernan covering tablesHernan Picco joined our McLean custom framing team in August 2000. He takes great pride in everything he does, most of which happens behind the scenes. 

Here Hernan is replacing the covering on a worktable. It's very important to keep the shop clean when handling art during the framing process. This table is used for layout and hinging art into mats. 

Joining Frames
Hernan gluing frame  Hernan with wedges  Protective Pad 

Most frames can be joined using our Cassese Joiner. First, glue is applied to each joint. Then wedges are shot up through the back side of the moulding, securely fastening each corner. Then a pad protects the surface of the front of the frame while pressure is applied. 

Cutting Glass
Cutting glass with diamond wheel  Cutting glass diamond wheel up close  Cutting Museum Glass with diamond cutter 

Hernan is shown cutting a sheet of Museum Glass. Note that he's wearing cotton gloves. First he has to determine which surface to cut because he must not cut the coated side. Once placed on the glass cutter, he measures the size and runs the diamond wheel down the length of the surface. This allows the glass to be broken in a straight line.

Applying dust cover  Handstretching  Freehand trimming 

Here Hernan is lining up the dust cover paper backing. This is a very important step after securing the art into the frame. The paper is hand stretched to the frame, then trimmed freehand before the hanging hardware is attached. 

Hernan is the last person to handle all finished custom framing jobs. All materials are acid free which will protect the art for many years to come.