Exclusively in McLean

High Quality Flat or Beveled Edge Mirrors

Custom Framed in Any Size

Frame Styles to Fit Any Décor 

Larson Juhl Greg Perkins Photo
The addition of a mirror is a proven way to "stretch" a small room. Color Wheel’s talented artisans will help you design the ideal mirror to make any room feel more spacious. 

You can have the exact size you need for your challenging spaces—small or large—while selecting from more than 4,000 quality frame mouldings to complement your décor. Add a bright splash of light to a dark corner or brighten up any interior design project.

Available with a flat or beveled edge, a custom framed mirror adds a focal point while reflecting your own personal style. 

These high-quality mirrors are custom built and framed at our McLean location. Let us help you brighten up any space in your home with a custom framed mirror.

• Bedroom
• Dressing Room
• Dining Room
• Foyer
• Master Bath
• Powder Room
• Little Girl's Room

Custom framed mirror, photo courtesy of Larson-Juhl and Greg Perkins
Room settings by Greg Perkins, courtesy of Larson-Juhl