Our Award-Winning Professional Designers and Artisans

Cyndi Geyer, Color Wheel Framing Department Manager
Cynthia Geyer, Framing Department Manager, Master Framer, and Design Specialist
Cyndi has worked in the Framing Department for more than 16 years. She has been associated with art all her life, making this career a wise choice. Cyndi enjoys meeting great people with all kinds of stories about the art they bring in for framing. When she gets to paint in her spare time, which is actually how she got into this profession in 1976, it's very relaxing. To quote Cyndi, “this job is not just going to work every day, but an experience in making people happy.”

Katy Lewis, Color Wheel Custom Picture Framing
Katy Lewis, Framing Design Specialist 
Katy has worked in the Framing Department for more than 29 years. She's happy to assist you with custom framing, and enjoys selecting the special greeting cards and gifts we offer. Katy has an art degree from the Corcoran School of Art, and is also a writer. Her poetry and flash fiction can be found in recent anthologies from Old Mountain Press.

Hernan Picco, Color Wheel Custom Picture Framing Department
Hernan Picco, Fitting Specialist
Hernan has been a valuable member of our Framing Department since 2000, after emigrating from Ecuador. His focus is on frame building and assembly. Custom framing can present challenges which he enjoys overcoming each day. Hernan's goal is the make our customers happy. Outside of Color Wheel, he enjoys 70s disco and easy listening music. He attends concerts and festivals throughout the area.

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